Climate Controlled Storage

Is it the right choice for you?

Choosing climate controlled storage is an individual preference but should be considered if you are storing across seasons or are storing items that are sensitive to changes in temperature and humidity.

Non-climate controlled spaces are not heated or air-conditioned and so the temperature inside the space gradually increases or decreases depending on the season.

Climate controlled spaces are heated and air-conditioned (depending on the season), in order to maintain a constant temperature and humidity level.

Some of the items we know can be sensitive to fluctuations in temperature and humidity include:

  • Electronics
  • Musical instruments
  • Fine artwork
  • Bone china
  • Delicate Crystal
  • Fine wood and leather furniture
  • Valuable collectables

If left unattended for several months or years in an environment where the weather gets very hot or cold, these items could be susceptible to a reduced quality.

So if you are trying to determine if you want a climate controlled space consider the following:

  • Am I storing for an extended period of time?
  • What items are being stored that could be susceptible to fluctuations in temperature & humidity?
  • What are the manufacturer or expert recommendations for specific items I am storing?