Personal Storage

We all accumulate “stuff.” It is very much like continually adding snow to a snowball. In the beginning it is small, but as we progress through our lives, the snowball becomes bigger and bigger until it is much bigger than we are.

We usually like to keep our “stuff” because it holds personal value.

As we transition through life, leaving for school, graduation, traveling, new job, apartment, marriage, kids, home, senior living… we need an effective way to deal with our “stuff.”

At any of the four RPM self-storage locations, these words resonate:

“Simple Solutions for Serious Stuff” for “When you care enough to keep it!”

Make RPM self-storage locations a lifestyle choice and enjoy a simple, effective, and safe means to organize all the “stuff” you want to keep. Whether you are:

  • Moving
  • Renovating
  • Downsizing
  • Staging a home
  • Keeping furniture for the kids
  • Keeping belongings for an elderly parent
  • Clearing the clutter
  • Needing space for an RV or vehicle

Martin's Storage Kingston - Personal Storage

Our service offers quality space, a variety of sizes, and the flexibility of storing for only as long as you need it. Enjoy the freedom of coming and going to your private space as much as you like within access hours. We are the extra space you need, when you need it!